Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tampa Bay Daily Deal Sites

Over the past year there has been an explosion of websites that offer consumers the opportunity to try Tampa Bay dining and entertainment for (most of the time) half price! Because of this I have been able to save tons of money on entertainment. I find that these websites are either set up to give you a "Daily Deal" or provide a marketplace for you to browse the inventory of deals that the website has set up with local businesses. Below I will share with you some of my favorite Tampa Bay half off discount sites.

Daily Deal Sites
Sign up on these sites for daily emails in which you will be presented the deal of the day. If you decide to buy that deal and enough other people do also, you will be sent a voucher by email to redeem that deal.

Browse these sites for half off vouchers and gift certificates on dining, entertainment, and much more!
If you have any websites that you love to use and were not on my list, please comment about them below.