Sunday, December 7, 2014

Two Bud Light #UpForWhatever Comercials Filmed in Tampa Bay Area

The first of two Bud Light "Up For Whatever" commercials that were filmed in the Tampa Bay area features a surprised Bucs fan that comes home to find out his house has been decked out in Bucs gear. To his further surprise, Warren Sapp pops out in full pirate regalia to reveal that his back yard has also been commandeered and now contains a pirate ship (equipped with canons). From what I hear, the pirate ship had to be removed after the commercial was shot. I would be very disappointed if that were me! I thought this commercial might be only shown locally, but it turns out that it was shown nationwide.

The second commercial features a lucky fan that gets to play electric football against Jimmy Johnson. It is nothing special, but it was filmed at Hat Tricks in downtown Tampa.

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Falcon's Fury: By The Numbers

It's coming! It's finally coming and you can now see it from the Tampa skyline! If you are as excited as I am, you have to watch the video below to find out all the nitty-gritty details about Falcon's Fury.


Falcon's Fury Stats
Height: 335 Feet (Will be North America's tallest drop tower ride at time of launch)
# of Seats: 32 (8 groups of 4)
Tilt: Seats tilt 90 degrees before drop (As close as you can get to sky diving without jumping out of an airplane)
Random Hold: Your wait to drop from the top will be anywhere between 1 second to 5 seconds
View: On a clear day you may be able to see Miami, Atlanta, or even Tampa Bay beaches
Tube Segments: 9
Bolts: Over 6,000
Machine House: 107 tons
Motors: 4 @ total of 1,000 horsepower
Support Steel Beams: From 75 to 205 feet under ground
Ladder To The Top: 365 Steps (Trip takes 35 minutes)
Power Cables: 18,000 lbs
Opening Date: May 1, 2014